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4 years at Echuca Travel Centre

Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, USA including Hawaii



High energy youth travel

At the age of 15 I completed work experience at Echuca Travelscene for 1 week. I was blown away at how much of the world I didn’t know even existed, and that there were so many places out there waiting for me to explore. One thing standing in my way – school.

I did end up leaving school after completing my year 11 exams and 1 month of year 12. I was exhausted and very un-motivated. After speaking to my careers advisor earlier in the year, she had kept in her mind that I was wanting to leave and be in the workforce. Luckily for me, in the Christmas school holidays she went to visit Graham Peat (an accountant at Peat Partners – a local accounting firm in Echuca), where she found out that they were looking for a receptionist. In her head she instantly thought of me. She phoned and asked if I’d like to go in for an interview. My first thought was - what is an accountant and what do they do!? I had no idea, but I was willing to take the risk and went to the interview. The interview went extremely well and I started in January. I was excited to be starting a new chapter of my life.

I really enjoyed my time at Peat Partners. I built my customer service skills to a high level working under pressure during tax time and learnt more about living in the real world. I was also busy completing Cert III in Business then started a Diploma in Business. I wasn’t sure if I would stay there forever, but one day my whole world changed. My sister had seen in the local newspaper that Echuca Travelscene was advertising for a trainee. At first I was very nervous at the prospect of applying, but my whole family was telling me to go for it as I had talked about how amazing it would be to be a travel agent after experiencing it years earlier. I had only ever travelled to a few cities in Australia and been to Bali 1 year prior, so my knowledge was not vast by any means – but I had the want to learn and experience what this world had to offer! What better place to do this than work in the industry!

I took the leap, applied, and succeeded. All of a sudden, the world was at my fingertips.

I started my role as a Trainee Travel Advisor in May 2012, full of excitement and a few nerves wondering what it would be like to talk travel everyday! Soon after I started my Cert III in Retail Sales & Tourism. Working and studying at the same time was mostly easy because what I was learning by the book is what I was practicing at work.

I was lucky enough to WIN flights to Bangkok at my first conference in Alice Springs, three months after I started – this was definitely a confidence boost and motivation to keep striving to be my best and be involved in everything that was offered to me. I used these tickets to experience Cambodia with Intrepid the next year. I was blown away with the culture and how amazing the people were. That trip certainly made me realise that I was in the best industry out there and that I was a very lucky girl. I have won multiple trips since I started (don’t know how, I really wish I could explain how then I’d be telling everyone!). Being able to travel the world allows me to get a firsthand experience of what my clients will see and do when they are in these places. It makes my job that much easier being able to explain the feeling, smells and culture when I have been there myself. That would have to be one of my favourite aspects of my job – sharing my knowledge with clients. Seeing their excited faces when you talk about ideas and itineraries make it easy to come to work each day.

Nearly 5 years later, I have seen a lot of the world thanks to my job. I still have a bucket list a mile long, but I plan to see as much as I can and share that with my clients. I am considered quite the chatter box, therefore I would love if you had any questions or would like to chat about a destination, I would be more than happy to do this with you.

There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored – what are you waiting for?



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