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3 years at Echuca Travel Centre

Thailand, Borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, New Zealand, Japan, India



Immersive adventures, rich in culture and generally pretty active.

Straight out of school, I 'did what people my age do' and made my move to Melbourne for university. After the first semester the only lesson I had learnt was how to live solely off potatoes. With little confidence in my course and missing the country lifestyle I found myself ready to leave pretty quickly and moved back to Echuca. From here I took some time to think about my next step and decided the times that I was most happy were the times spent travelling with my parents during childhood. With this realisation and a streak of luck I had soon landed the best job on the planet.

During my first year at Echuca Travel Centre I completed a Certificate III in Travel, learnt the reservation systems and 'helped' the other advisors with their bookings. Eager to build a client base of my own I gradually took on more and more enquiries under close supervision from Justine and Alex. Although I loved to travel and loved to talk about travel I was never a great consultant like the girls.

In 2015 I was invited to attend a conference hosted by helloworld in Cairns and came home with a brain full of ideas. While discussing all I had learnt with Justine and Allison, little did I know they were planning things of their own. A short while later I was offered a new role at Echuca Travel Centre and after little contemplation became the Marketing Administration Executive. As a part of this new job I still get to surround myself with travel each day but now I work closely with Justine on group bookings and Allison on a number of marketing initiatives.

Now, I am constantly pushing limits in search for new things to learn and new avenues to take Echuca Travel. With zero experience in web design, I've taken it on myself to create this new site to give our clients a new platform in holiday inspiration and planning.

My efforts so far have awarded Echuca Travel Centre the 2016 helloworld Marketing Award for Victoria



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