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1 year at Echuca Travel Centre




Independent travel with plenty of sightseeing, shopping and eating.

After finishing year 12 I found myself unsure of what industry I wanted to go into and what line of work I would enjoy. All I knew was that I wanted to travel. I had never thought of working as a Travel Agent until I stumbled upon the job at Echuca Travel Centre when my mum befriended Molly. Molly had told my mum that there was a traineeship going so without thinking twice I applied the next morning!

I have now been at Echuca Travel Centre for just under a year. I currently organise holidays within Australia and I am slowly working my way into international destinations. I really enjoy organising flights and learning about all of the different airlines. I think it’s amazing that I book holidays for my job, it’s so much fun putting together dream holidays and getting to see the excitement they bring.

I had never been overseas until I started my job, and now I have so much more opportunity to travel and extend my knowledge on the different countries. Everyday there is a new destination to learn about and dream about travelling to; I am very excited for my future at Echuca Travel Centre 🙂



Echuca Travel Centre
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